About Us

I have lived and worked in Boulder County since 1976. I was part of the migration to Colorado in the mid 70’s. You might say I’m here to stay. I first learned custom home construction from Jack Huster, of Huster Construction, Boulder Co. He was one of the best. Great organizer, uncompromising craftsmanship, a no nonsense type of person. Unfortunately, for me, he also kept fish hooks in his wallet. Upon asking for a raise, I received a 25 cent increase. That generous gesture provided me all the incentive I needed to start my own business. Although Jack has passed on, I still want to thank him, that man gave me an education in homebuilding.

I have been owner, or in partnership, ever since. I have done, hands on, every phase of carpentry from foundation to finish. I have done every phase of construction at least one time for personal experience . Most I will never do again. Better to leave those trades to those particular professionals. I mention these statements because it is important to inform future clients, I know home construction inside and out. But as I make that comment, I am always learning, almost daily, new materials, new methods, existing situations in homes, that I have not seen before. It is part of my job that never grows old. It makes every day interesting.